PHU CUONG THINH PHAT PRODUCTION TRADING COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2012, with a factory scale of more than 5000m2. Phu Cuong Thinh Phat is a manufacturing company with modern, automatic machinery lines. We are committed to providing customers with products that ensure quality as well as absolute satisfaction. Therefore, with a team of experienced staff, constantly researching and learning to develop more new products, in accordance with the requirements and models that customers give to serve you. goods in the best way.

During more than 10 years of development of Phu Cuong Thinh Phat, the company is currently bringing its products to domestic and international markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Colombia,…

Typical products:

  • Fan Cage: B3, B4, B5, B6,…
  • Iron Pipes & Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Switch
  • Plastic Belt
  • And especially, the company undertakes the production of electric fan components and electrostatic painting.

We are always committed to the best product and service policies. Customers who want to buy products or use services, please contact us directly via website: phucuongthinhphat.com or phone number/zalo 0373460147 for support and advice.

Phu Cuong Thinh Phat looks forward to receiving support and trust from customers!